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About Dr. Patricia Howe

Dr. Patricia Howe has dedicated her life to working  with corporations and executives of corporations to improve communication styles and help organizations adapt to changes in leadership. Her focus is on helping companies learn how to restructure lines of communications so that workers are acknowledged for their contributions to the organization.  This many times leads to worker performance beyond expectations because they are motivated by the mission and value statements of the corporation.

Dr. Howe also specializes in life coaching for adults who have experienced trauma in their past or are going through a difficult transition in their lives for which they need new tools for moving beyond the barriers that keep them stuck.  Dr. Howe uses a number of techiniques that help adults stop repeating non-productive patterns in their current or newly formed relationships. These patterns often lead to feelings of not being understood or valued.  With a focus on creating positive thinking, Dr. Howe has helped many clients move through these road blocks and achieve greater freedom, happiness and empowerment.

Patricia Howe received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Denver, Summa Cum Laude in Psychology, and published research as an undergraduate on Human Development.  She also did an honors thesis on "Happiness and the Need to Affiliate."  She went on to receive both her Master's and PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Colorado in Boulder, where she published articles on Personality Development and conducted researtch funded by the National Institute of Health.  Dr. Howe also was an adjunct professor at the University of Colorado Boulder and taught "The Psychology of Adjustment," in addition to supervising graduate students on their clinical work with clients.  Patricia also studied at the Jungian Institute and has conducted many workshops on finding one's mission and higher purpose in life.  These workshops have been successful in helping attendees understand and value their own uniqueness.

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