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Corporate Coaching

Executive Coaching

Life Coaching

Coaching for Corporations, Executives and Life

Sharp Vision - Bold Results

Corporate Coaching

We Inspire Businesses to

Learn how to compromise

Agree on the right course of action

Motivate employees to think like owners

Realign corporate priorities

Create more autonomy in workers

Reduce high turn over rate

Accept changes in leadership

Improve communication/ time management

Reform strategic plans to accomplish goals

Understand the 7 cycles of a business

Executive Coaching

We work with leaders of all levels:

Improving executive presence

Inspired communication with new and varied audiences

Authentically adjust your style of communication/interaction to be effective in new, more complex roles

Public speaking which captivates

Improved ability to coach and develop others

New and improved ways of working that successfully accommodate the demands of a “C-Level” roles

Help new leaders influence others

Life Coaching

Setting and achieving goals and objectives

Planning — business, career and life

Blasting through blocks and fears

Clearing clutter

Financial security and independence

Balancing business and personal life

Making key decisions and designing strategies for success

Communicating powerfully and succinctly

Building powerful relationships

Finding the ideal career/work or business

Finding the ideal partner

Making an important life transition

Identifying core values and passions

Fulfilling personal/ emotional needs

Playing, having adventures, and a lot more fun!


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Sharp Vision - Bold Results


Tampa, Florida

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